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When you buy products from us under these Terms you have legal rights. Nothing in these Terms prejudices any mandatory statutory requirement.


1.1. PREAMBLE 1.1.1. Welcome to https://besttownagents.com (the “Website”)! In a nutshell, the Website provides neighborhood-related information to its visitors and promotes and delivers services offered by us. The Website is owned and operated by Best Town Agents LLC (together with affiliates, “Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media”, “us”, “our” or “we”). Best Town Agents is registered in Oregon, USA.

1.1.2. These terms of use (the “Terms”) create a legally binding contract between you and Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media and explain how you may use the Website and all associated webpages and services made available by us (collectively, the “Services”). Services include, without limitation, data and services provided by Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media to you by email and Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media’s mobile application(s). You must read these terms carefully and completely before you use the Services. By accessing or using the Services, or otherwise indicating your consent, you agree to be bound by these terms and the documents referred to in them. If you don’t accept these terms, please immediately leave or cease using our Services.

1.1.3. These Terms also explain how you may buy products or services from the Website. You should read the following Terms carefully before buying any products. When buying any products you agree to be bound by these Terms and the documents referred to in them. If you do not agree with or accept any of these Terms, you will not be allowed to buy any products unless we agree otherwise. If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us at:

Best Town Media Inc. 673 W 10th, Eugene Oregon 97402 admin@besttownagents.com

1.1.4. If you are using the Services on behalf of a company, entity, or organization (collectively, a “Subscribing Organization”) then you represent and warrant that you: (i) are an authorized representative or agent of that Subscribing Organization with the authority to bind such Subscribing Organization to these Terms; (ii) have read these Terms; (iii) understand these Terms, and (iv) agree to these Terms on behalf of such Subscribing Organization.

1.1.5. These Terms incorporate and include our Privacy Policy which shall be subject to these Terms in the event of any conflict or inconsistency. Please visit and carefully read our Privacy Policy for information on how we handle your personal information. These Terms may also be supplemented or replaced by additional terms (“Additional Terms”) relating to specific User Content, Materials, goods, information, or services made available or supplied by us using the Website. Additional Terms will be made available on relevant pages of the Website and will be accessible by you for your acceptance before you place an order (as applicable). Additional Terms shall prevail to the extent there is any conflict or inconsistency with any other of these terms.

1.1.6. Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media may revise these Terms from time to time, with updated versions posted to this web page. It is your responsibility to periodically visit this page to review the most current version of the Terms. If any material changes are made to the Terms, registered users will be notified via e-mail. The Terms, and any amendments thereto, are binding on you whether you have registered an Account with us or using the Services as an unregistered visitor.

1.1.7. Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media seeks to make this Website as accessible as possible. If you have any problems accessing the Website or the content contained on it, please contact us at admin@besttownagents.com.

    2.1. CONTENT 2.1.1. User Content. When you send, submit, post, share, or display any materials or content on our Website or through our Services (“User Content”), you retain copyright and any other rights you already hold in such User Content. By posting, sharing, displaying, sending, or submitting any User Content when using the Website and/or Services, you grant Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, worldwide, fully-paid up, royalty-free, assignable, transferable, and sub-licensable license. You confirm and warrant to Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media that you have all the rights necessary to grant this License.

2.1.2. Responsibility for User Content. You, not Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media, are responsible for User Content you make available via the Services. Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media does not control User Content and is not liable for its accuracy or legality.

2.1.3. Right to Delete, Modify, or Disclose User Content. Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media reserves the right to handle User Content as necessary, including for legal compliance or safety reasons.

2.1.4. Ownership of Derivative Content. Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media owns content derived from User Content.

2.1.5. Aggregated Content. Our Website and Services include third-party content, without guaranteeing its accuracy.

2.1.6. Listing Data. Real estate data on our Services is for reference only and not verified by Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media.

2.1.7. Ownership of Materials. Materials on the Website and Services, except User and Third-Party Content, are owned by Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media or its licensors.

2.1.8. Transfer of Ownership. The owner of the Influencer website may at their discretion and with the approval of Best Town Agents LLC and/or Best Talent Media sell the website. And will receive the net of the sale price less any outstanding balance due to Best Town Agents LLC and/or Best Talent Media.

2.2. RIGHT TO USE WEBSITE AND SERVICES Your access to the Website and Services is conditional on compliance with these Terms.

2.3. DMCA We respect copyright and respond to DMCA notices. Please contact our designated Copyright Agent at Best Town Media Inc., 673 W 10th, Eugene, Oregon 97402, or admin@besttownagents.com for such matters.


3.1. ORDERS 3.1.1. Advertisements on our Website are invitations to make offers to purchase our products and services. An offer is made when you submit a completed order form.

3.1.2. The contract process is as follows: After submitting the order form, we’ll acknowledge receipt. Acceptance of your order, and thus contract formation, happens when we send a confirmation email.

3.1.3. Sales may be subject to specific or additional terms.

3.1.4. Product/service/website descriptions and colors are approximate.

3.1.5. Prices are in United States dollars and exclude taxes, onboarding, setup fees if applicable.

3.1.6. We may correct inaccuracies on our Website, including pricing and descriptions, at any time without liability.

3.1.7. Please ensure all information in your order is accurate before submission.

3.2. DELIVERY Delivery dates are estimated in the confirmation email. We are not liable for delays beyond our control. Our products are delivered within 30 days of the onboarding contingent on receiving all of the assets requested in the onboarding call.


3.3.1. Payment methods are listed on the order form. By using a credit card, you authorize Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media to charge it. You must provide accurate and complete billing and payment information.

3.3.2. We strive to secure your payment information but are not liable for unauthorized access in the absence of our negligence.

  1. SOFTWARE All software available for download from the Services is the copyrighted work of Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media or its licensors. Use of such software is governed by the terms of the end user license agreement accompanying the software and these Terms. Unauthorized use, reproduction, or redistribution of the software may result in civil and criminal penalties.

5.1. PRIVACY Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media values your privacy. For details on data collection and usage, refer to our Privacy Policy, which is part of these Terms.

5.2. USER ACCOUNTS 5.2.1. Accounts are required for certain Website and Service functions. You must provide accurate information and maintain the confidentiality of your Account.

5.2.2. Registering an Account implies consent to receive electronic messages from Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media and other Website users.

5.3. THE RULES Users must comply with various guidelines for Account security, professional conduct, content sharing, and legal compliance as outlined in these Terms.

5.4. SUBMITTING INFORMATION TO THE WEBSITE Any information or content you supply to us is not confidential. Avoid submitting sensitive or proprietary ideas or materials.

5.5. LINKING AND FRAMING Linking to the Website is subject to certain conditions and our discretion.

5.6. USE YOUR JUDGMENT Information on our Website or Services is not professional advice. Exercise judgment and discretion when interacting with content and users.

5.7. GOOGLE MAPS Our Services include Google Maps features, subject to Google’s terms and privacy policy.

5.8. COMMUNICATIONS WITH AND FROM OTHER USERS Consent to receive and guidelines for sending communications to other Service users are outlined.

5.9. COMMUNICATIONS TO BUSINESSES INCLUDED IN OUR BUSINESS DIRECTORY Communications to businesses and employees in our directory must be professional and relevant.

  1. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES You warrant that you are of legal age, using the Services legally, own or have permission for your User Content, provided accurate Account information, and have the right to enter into these Terms.

7.1. NOTICE: The Website and Services, including all content, are for informational purposes and not professional advice. Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media is not liable for errors or reliance on the Website content.

7.2. DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: Services are provided “as is” without any warranties. Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media disclaims all implied or express warranties related to the Services.

7.3. THIRD-PARTY WEBSITES: No responsibility for third-party websites linked to our Services.

7.4. SECURITY: We cannot guarantee complete security of personal information and User Content.

7.5. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Liability is limited to the maximum extent permitted by law.

7.6. INDEMNITY: You agree to indemnify Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media against any claims related to your use of the Website or Services.

7.7. USE OF MARKS AND NON-SOLICIT: Marks like REALTOR® are owned by respective organizations and not intended to solicit those under other contracts.

7.8. RELIANCE: Your use of the Website and Services acknowledges acceptance of these limitations and exclusions.

  1. TERMINATION AND ACCOUNT DELETION Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media reserves the right to terminate these Terms or your Account at any time. You can delete your Account via the provided tools or by contacting admin@besttownagents.com. Deletion of your Account doesn’t remove your User Content or Derivative Content.

9.1. SURVIVAL: Certain sections will survive the termination of these Terms.

9.2. RELATIONSHIP: No agency or employment relationship is created by these Terms.

9.3. ENTIRE AGREEMENT: These Terms and the Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement.

9.4. CONFLICTS: In case of conflict with other contracts with Best Town Agents AND/OR Best Town Media, those contract terms prevail.

9.5. AMENDMENTS: We may change these Terms at any time.

9.6. ASSIGNMENT: These Terms may be assigned by us without notice.

9.7. JURISDICTION: Disputes will be governed by the laws of Oregon, USA, unless otherwise required by your local laws.

9.8. WAIVER: Waiver of rights to class action.

9.9. ENUREMENT: These Terms bind and benefit the parties and their successors.

9.10. NON-WAIVER: Failure to enforce any part of these Terms is not a waiver.

9.11. SEVERABILITY: If any part of these Terms is unenforceable, it will be modified to the extent possible.

9.12. HEADINGS: Headings are for convenience only.

9.13. LANGUAGE: These Terms are written in English, and this version prevails over any translations.